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Senior Research Position in Atmospheric Boundary Layer Modeling and Observation, DTU, Denmark

This scholarship program is powered by Technical University of Denmark. For the course of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Modeling and Observation. Candidates must pass the following eligibility conditions mentioned by the provider in order to be selected.



-A PhD level within a appropriate analysis area of wind flow power (e.g. geophysics, engineering) or equivalent
-Academic requirements comparative to those acquired by positioning a place as Specialist or Postdoc
-A variety of guides appropriate to a Mature Researcher
-Experience in environmental edge part, wind flow and disturbance which (including spectral analysis, environmental balance, wind flow profiles)
-Experience with dimensions of the environmental edge part over area and over sea (wind, fluxes, spectra)
-Experience with distant detecting instrumentation such as wind flow lidars and sodars

Candidates must have good knowledge in English language.


Further details:

Scholarship provider:  Technical University of Denmark

Subject to study:  Atmospheric Boundary Layer Modeling and Observation

Scholarship can be taken at:  Denmark

Application Deadline:  10 May 2012

Official website: http://www.dtu.dk/English/About_DTU/vacancies.aspx?guid=5bb5dacd-943b-4a7d-b58e-a72ffbbb5ad7

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