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Scholarship in Master in Agricultural Economics

This scholarship program is powered by CIEREA. For the course of Agricultural Economics. Candidates must pass the following eligibility conditions mentioned by the provider in order to be selected.



1. Candidates exercises an administrative function or research.

2. Candidates  must hold the MA in economics in the traditional system.

3. Candidates must have their degree in relevant subject form the well known university.

4. Candidates must have good knowledge in English language.


Further details:

Scholarship provider:  CIEREA

Subject to study:  Agricultural Economics

Scholarship can be taken at:   Africa

Application Deadline:  15 August, 2012

Official website: http://www.ptci-edu.org/index.php/en/component/content/article/1-nouvelles/54-appel-a-candidature-pour-lannee-academique-2012-2013-master-en-economie-agricole-nptci-phase-ii

Incoming Terms:
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  1. DAVIS

    Any MAsters scholarships for the year 2013?

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