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Research Scholarship Program funded by Fulbright

Research Scholarship Program funded by Fulbright

Subject to study:All Disciplines
Scholarship Offered by: Fulbright
Level & Scholarship Criteria:Research
Scholarship Details and Description:

This scholarship / Research is provided and fully funded by Fulbright.

Applications are encouraged in anthropology, business administration, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, engineering, fine arts, gender studies, information science, international relations, law, mathematics, pharmacology, physics, public administration, psychology, sociology, statistics and urban management. Applications are also welcome in any other discipline taught at the host institution.

Scholars with a Ph.D. and at least five years of postdoctoral college or university teaching experience are preferred. Since 2002, the Ethiopian government has rapidly expanded tertiary education. Applications are encouraged to host institutions located outside the capital city with awards to help Ethiopia realize its aims of improved and expanded higher education. Correspond with the host institution to determine whether specializations are of interest. Submitting a letter of invitation on host institution letterhead as part of the application is required. Academic term runs from September to July. An English language school, International School of Addis Ababa, is available for children in grades K-12 who accompany scholar.

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  1. gaihre arjun

    can we apply for the course in master in this scholarship??

  2. Dr. sampoornanand Jha

    I ahave done my ph.D in 2003. I am presently Associate Professor in the central Department of Biotechnology, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. I have more than 7 years of teaching experience after postdoc degree in university.
    please suggest me how to apply for full bright scholarship.

  3. Govinda Devkota

    Can i apply in this scholarship for studying the master degree?

  4. Nega

    I am university lecturer in Ethiopia graduated in Biomedical sciences(Msc). Can I apply for scholarship to study Phd in my area of specialization and how?

  5. Lemu Gemechu Tucho

    I have MA degre in urban management. But now using this opportunity, I would like to continue my further education in the same field of study. Accordingly, I highly require help.

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