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Netherlands Fellowship 2012

Teachers who are interested in upgrading their academic qualification, that Netherlands Fellowship Programme is offering scholarships to Bhutanese citizens. They should be elegible as per the BCSR. The course should be in line to their profession.

The procedures for the scholarships are as follows:

  • Applicants have to first apply directly to the institute/university in the Netherlands.
  • Only after receiving the “unconditional admission letter” from the Dutch institutions, you are eligible to apply for the Netherlands fellowship (NFP).
  • Applicants should have at least 3 years working experience to be able to apply for the fellowship.


Scholarship Online (SOL)

– Candidate should apply for the NFP via the “Scholarships Online” (SOL).

– SOL and other NFP information can be accessed through following websites:


Overview of fellowship application deadlines

Online Application Fellowship application deadlines
Master’s degree programme 7 February 2012 1 May 2012
Short Course 7 February 2012 1 May 2012 2 October 2012
PhD 7 February 2012 2 October 2012
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  1. Jenny Lipsie

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  2. Dear sir

    I am Ashenafi Worku Daba from Ethiopia. I graduate from Mekelle University, department of Land Resource Management and Environmental Protection in the stream of Soil Water Conservation in 2008. Currently I am working in the Ethiopia Institutes of Agricultural Research at Werer Agricultural Research Center as a junior researcher and Assistance Researcher in the field of improving productivity of salt affected soil through amelioration and management research. And also an additional research experience in Irrigation water management, Agronomic research activities, Soil health soil fertility and other research activities. The benefit of this scholarship is by capacitating my skill and knowledge potential I contribute on national goal of natural resource conservation and food security that in growth and transformation plan of our government. The knowledge and experience I have now is not enough to solve the problem of the poor pastoralists of Ethiopia. So that I have great interest to up grade my education career to MSc level and then to serve my country properly.

    The available opportunity of postgraduate study in my country (Ethiopia) very low. This is due to the presence of little post graduate university in the country. And hence I can’t get the chance to learn here in Ethiopia. Due to this I have tried to find scholarship opportunities from abroad with my maximum effort and then I get on admission from Wageningen University, Netherlands in the field of international land and water management for the years 2012. The university told me to have on find sponsorship to attend. Since my monthly salary $ 158.77, I can’t learn in self sponsor. The university suggests me to find sponsorship from the Netherlands Fellowship Program funded by the Netherlands government. For 2013 If you give me this chance, it gives me opportunity to serve my poor country.

    Thanks You
    Ashenafi Worku

  3. Emebet

    how can I apply for short courses on dairy farm please would you give me the fellowship application date or programm for next term training held in 2013

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