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M.Sc. Scholarships in Multimedia Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks at University of Genoa

This scholarship program is powered by University of Genoa. For the course of Multimedia Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks. Candidates must pass the following eligibility conditions mentioned by the provider in order to be selected.



Learners, who enroll in the system and are younger than 35 years old, can apply to scholarships and to other benefits and solutions, such as housing. Scholarship values range between approximately 3800 and 4800 € (including restaurant and housing services). Positions for scholars searching for the first season of the M.Sc. system rely on annual earnings. Positions for scholars searching for the second season rely on the number of passed exams (minimum 30 ECTS), the related grades, and the annual earnings.


Further details:

Scholarship provider:  University of Genoa

Subject to study:  Multimedia Signal Processing and Telecommunication Networks

Scholarship can be taken at:   Italy

Application Deadline:  Not mentioned

Official website: http://www.msptn.ingegneria.unige.it/

Incoming Terms:
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