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MINISTRY OF EDUCATION Scholarships for Bhutan International Students

MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF ADULT & HIGHER EDUCATION has announced Scholarship and Student Support Division program.


The Scholarship and Student Support Division, DAHE, Ministry of Education is pleased to announce the availability of Undergraduate Scholarship slots for various bachelors’ degree courses both within and outside the country for the academic session 2012. All class XII graduates of 2011 from both within and outside the country, including Continuing Education (CE) candidates, excluding civil servants, meeting the eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply.
There are 217(In-country & Ex-country) undergraduate scholarship slots available for bachelors’ degree programme in various professional, technical, scientific, and humanities courses under different funding schemes including 15 medical slots for Assistance to Privately Enrolled Medical Students (APEMS) , 10 slots administered by the Youth Development Fund (YDF) and 30 In country RGoB scholarship slots at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC). In addition, 15 scholarship slots under the “Queen’s Endowment for Cultural Studies” in Herbal Medicine, Fine Arts, Music, Sanskrit and Pali will be announced shortly.

The minimum qualifying marks in English for all Ex- Country undergraduate scholarships is 55% unless indicated otherwise.

Following is the requirement and quotas.



1. Youth Development Fund Scholarships:
The Youth Development Fund scholarships are on cost sharing basis. The scholarship covers tuition and hostel fees only and the individual has to bear mess fee of Rs.9750/per semester, other living cost and travel expenses. Eligible YDF Scholarship candidates should be 22 years or below. The place of study will be in Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology (JIIT) Noida, and Jaypee University of Information and Technology (JUIT), Solan, HP, India.
2. Assistance to Privately Enrolled Medical Students (APEMS) Scholarships: The candidates applying for MBBS and BDS courses under APEMS scholarship shall be selected immediately after the selection of full scholarship candidates based on merit. For the purpose of tie breaking, preference shall be given to the MBBS and BDS students who are currently enrolled in recognized medical colleges/institutions abroad meeting the respective selection criteria stated above. All other selection requirements shall remain the same as applicable for full scholarship students including registration deadline as per this announcement.
3. Placement of undergraduate students to Bangladesh:
The APEMS students selected for MBBS course in Bangladesh will have to wait until January of 2013 due to admission deadlines and requirements set by the institutions and universities in Bangladesh.
4. In-country undergraduate scholarships:
4.1 The In-country scholarship at the Royal Thimphu College is funded by the Royal Government of Bhutan and shall cover actual tuition fees, hostel fees, mess fees and other related college fees as per the fee structure of the college. However, any miscellaneous payments including caution deposits or security deposits will have to be borne by the candidates.
4.2 The scholarship fund shall not cover personnel expenses such as pocket money.
The merit list is based on the following:
1. Science Stream:
BIO-GROUP- Biological Sciences: Require minimum 60% marks each in (Biology, Physics & Chemistry) with 65% aggregate in 4 subjects including English.
MATHS GROUP: Engineering fields: Require minimum 60% marks each in (Maths, Physics & Chemistry) with 65% aggregate in 4 subjects including English.
2. For open disciplines: Require minimum of 65% aggregate marks in 4 subjects including English.
3. In-country RGOB scholarship at Royal Thimphu College: Merit listing will be based on points secured through ability ranking in specific subject requirements for a particular course.

If the candidates’ marks fall short of above-mentioned minimum cutoff percentage as specified in the respective groups, such candidates are not eligible and hence their names would not appear in the merit-ranking list (shortlist).
Please note that the Merit Ranking list will be made available on the education website:


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  1. tashi yangzom

    where should i apply for it? isnt there online application?

  2. how and where should i apply?

    • chimi wangmo thinley

      You see for the ex country scholarship you will get the application form in education page of DAHE(department of adult and higher education)and for in country you need to apply in RUB

  3. karma tenzin

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  10. wangdi tshering

    can CE std applied for ex scholarship how can we apply

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