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MBBS Scholarships Available for Nepal

Nepal Government, MOE, IOM generally provides scholarships for MBBS in Nepal. Indian Embassy, japan Embassy, BPKIHSDharan, PAHS Patan, MP Jagadamba Guthi are other scholarships in MBBS for Nepal. Here is the notice of all scholarships available for Nepalese in Medical field.


IOM, Maharaj Gunj (iom.edu.np ) 42+1(Staff Seat) Aswin Phy 20 Chem 30 Zool 30 Bot 20


Ph-4410911, 4413729

Elig: 50% (Same as MOE)
MOE* , moe.gov.np Around 200 seats(General) 55%(Reserved) 45%(gov school, Girls, madhesi, Janajati, dalit, Muslim, Remote, Apanga)

Entrance of MOE- Two times a year Mangsir and Ashadh

Entrance Model- Phy 30 Chem 30 Zool 20 Bot 20


Scholarship Dept,
Ministry of education,

Eligibility– Elig: 50% Own syllabus, 95% entrance and 5% from +2, negative marking -0.25 for each wrong answer

Seat: General 17 Women 2Janajati 3 Dalit 1 Remote 4 Faculty 1 staff 1 BDS 6+2

Entrance date for BPKIHSDharan: April 1
Entrance Model– Phy 50 Chem 50 Bio 50 Eng 30 GK 10 Medical Aptitude 10


BPKIHS, Dharan,
Sunsari 025-5255555, Elig:50%
Entrance Exam details- No given syllabus, Questions from +2/I Sc and some outside topics

pahs.edu.np 7 Baisakh NO PCB
MAT and interview PAHS, Patan Hospital
Ph- 5545151 Elig: 50% in plus 2 or
Health science. Only
Govt school SLC
product may apply in

3-5 April Phy 30
Chem 30
Bio 30
Eng 30 Indian
4410900 Elig:60% aggregate
(PCB) and 50% in
English of class 12 only
CBSE curriculum
np.emb-japan.go.jp 1 or 2 July/Aug. PCBM Embassy of Japan,
Ph-4426680 75% average in SLC
and plus 2
Embassy 5 September PCB Embassy of Pakistan,
Ph-4374024 70% in plus 2
.org 2 Baisakh PCB
subjective& objective
both and essay in
Nepali and interview MP Guthi, PatanDhokaPh-5542993 60% in plus 2

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  1. Binam uprety

    are there any schemes for 100% scholarships for Nepalese students in China and other countries? if any how can one proceed?

  2. Abhiyan Rajbanshi

    Dear Binam Uprety,
    Of course there are!
    One of the best destinations to practice medicine and surgery could be the United States. However, the MBBS degree is not offered in the United States but you could still be a Doctor of Medicine(MD) after four years of university level premedical study in any of the medical colleges/universities in the US that offers financial aid to the international students. Basically, you need to do SAT-I(Reasoning) and SAT-II(Subject Test) with TOEFL-ibt / IELTS and apply to some of the most competitive medical colleges / universities in the US. Need-blind and Need-base scholarships are what you should head for!
    Opportunity funding(OF), a kind of scholarship, could cover all your costs for doing SAT-I, SAT-II and TOEFL . What you need to do is to contact the USEF-NEPAL for more information about the OF and various other scholarships offered to international students!

  3. wali khan

    dear sir plz tell me the whole information about mbbs in nepal i shall be very thankful to you thanz wali khan

  4. Sandesh

    How much percentage in 2 level is required to compete in mbbs scholarship examination?

  5. Sandesh

    Can we give mbbs scholarship examination with 2nd division or only with 1st division In 2 level?

  6. sandip chaudhary

    I wish to know about the details of 100% scholarship in any foreign country in which i could apply till end of 2012 for mbbs.

  7. Matilda

    Dear sir, i’m a Tanzanian currently taking a diploma in health lab science Looking for scholarship for a bachelor in medicine in Canada. I will appreciate your kind help.

  8. Aakahs Shrestha

    New government of this country has been established due to sacrifices of many nepalese civilian. Every body in this country is looking to the government with the hope of prosperity and development so that we all can be employed in our own soil. Go and ask our people working abroad. They are dieing each and every moment due to ill behave and treatment only because they are from Nepal one of the poorest country of the world. There may be many causes but one most important cause is the enforcement of law and order and homogenity in the treatment to its national. Iam trying to put one example recently Iam facing in getting mbbs scholarship. How can one not be janjati on the base he has studied in boarding school. How can newars treated as a janjati by moe are not treated as janajati by BPKIHS. This is just a very simple example how inspite of being janajati newars are descriminated.

  9. Raviman kunwar

    Dear sir,i want to stuy mbbs in patan,i am working at ingo hospital at remote from since 2 year,can u suggest me.?about some preparation booklet for patan mbbs course,can i get somewhere scolarship in mbbs in nepal with my 2year experience working in hospital setup in remote,

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