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Master Scholarships The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)

Master Scholarships The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)


The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) fosters capacity building within organizations in 61 developing countries by providing training and education to their mid-career staff members at the University of Twente. The NetherlandsFellowship Programmes is an initiative of the Dutch government.

Requirements for application

Applicants must:
* be a national and working in one of the countries above
* be a mid-career professional with at least three years work experience
* be nominated by his/her employer
* have been unconditionally admitted by the University of Twente to one of the master degree programmes
* have completed an NFP Master?s Degree Programme application form and have submitted all the required documentation to the Netherlands embassy or consulate
* not be employed by a large industrial, commercial, international or multinational organization
* offer evidence of proficiency in speaking and writing the language of instruction
* be available for the entire period of the programme and be physically and mentally able to take part in the entire programme
* declare that they will return to their home country immediately after the study programme has ended
* comply with country-specific rules set by RNE (for more information please contact the Netherlands Embassy or consulate in your home country)
* candidate must not have received an NFP fellowship or any other fellowship in the three years prior to the start of the proposed programme (MA, SC or PhD).

Country of origin

Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Autonomous Palestinian Territories, Bangladesh, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Burundi, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cape Verde, China (Excluding citizens from Hong Kong and Macao), Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, DR Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mali, Moldova, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
Field of study: All
Level of study: Master.

Deadline for application.

* Study programmes starting in the first quarter 2011: 1 October 2010 except for Tanzania and Bangladesh
* Study programmes starting in the third quarter 2011: 1 March 2011 except for Uganda, Tanzania, Indonesia and Bangladesh.


* subsistence allowance
* tuition fee
* housing
* international travel
* insurance
* personal allowance
* study materials
* visa costs
* travel within the Netherlands

for more information click here

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  1. Shujauddin

    i am seeking master degree program in civil engineering , so please someone help me regards,

    • Dawit Godano

      I have done BA degree in Journalism and Communication .I do have interest to do my masters degree in the same field. since human being is social being, having this in mind I like to increase my proficiency and skills in the areas of analyzing, co working with society ,forward possible solutions for different social problems….from journalist point of view nationally as well as globally . I have the idea that it is important to adjust a given society with ever changing global views of social life in doing so it is important to increase the intellectuals in the areas through providing qualified education for students across the world.
      Am from Ethiopia in which people show great respect for other people including foreigners ,share diverse culture: religion, values ,beliefs, customs ,norms…..but live in peace, stability ,solving problems via discussion…. as commnication specialist it is my responsibility to create better social environment, for this I need extra education.
      For all am seeking sponsor, can be individual, organization, embassy, this is because even if I have such ambition for extra education I have no money/finance to cover tuition fee. Hopefully, am waiting for your replay in kindly sponsoring my education for masters degree in Journalism and Communication .use one of this phone: +25192003473, e-mail: dawitgodano@gmail.com.
      Thank you for your kindness and feeling of humanity in helping me,Truly your’s 
      Dawit Godano

  2. Abebe

    Hello dear,
    I am Abebe Gadisa from Ethiopia. I have obtained my Bachelor degree from mekelle university here in Ethiopia. Now I have been admitted to Walden University online MBA . I have no sponsor how can I get? Can you help me?


    Am Gabriel Kaminyoge from Tanzania.I have obtained my Bachelor degree from the University of Dar es salaam-Tanzania.am looking for scholarship please assist me

  4. Charles NIHORIMBERE

    i am burundian,i now in master in science of governance at ILU(iNTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIP UNIVERSTY);i m looking for scholarship ,how can try to help me

  5. Nyamandi Tawanda

    I have a BSc (Hons) Land and Water Res. Mgtt. I am a Zimbabwe an male aged 31. Help me get a scholarship for MSc Water Eng for year 2014. My regards.

  6. biongo azuda oscar

    i’m graduate at the university of lubumbashi,6years ago and i’m looking to go further with my study,how can i benefit of scholarship?i’m 32years old now

  7. Adolphina Mlekwa


    I,m Tanzanian lady of 23years, study bachelor of special needs education at sebastian kolowa university college. I’m looking foward to hear from you. Thanks.

  8. I am a Tanzanian student at the University of Dar es salaam pursuing BA ECONOMICS searching for Master degree scholarship in next academic year 2013/2014. please help me.

  9. Balcha

    thank you for selection.

  10. yonas sium

    I am yonas sium from Asmara Eritrea. I have obtained my Bachelor degree from asmara college of health sciences.am looking for scholarship. I have no sponsor how can I get? Can you help me?

  11. hanan

    I have an LLB degree in law and would like to work my masters degree in political science.

  12. Ayele Mamo

    I am Ayele Mamo from Ethiopia .Ihave BSC in nursing from Gondar university.
    Now ,I am working as assistant lecturer in Debireirehan health science college.
    But,sitll now,I can not get scholarship to upgrade my self.
    So.please help me how I get scholarship on healthsciences field.
    Thank you
    Country -Ethiopia

  13. Tacob Mupinga

    Im a Zimbabwean looking for sponsorship for a masters degree in rural development for 2013/2014

  14. Aman Enyew

    I am an Ethiopian and I have BSc degree in agricultural extension and BA degree in management. I have more than six years of work experience in grass root level community development activities. meanwhile; i have great interest to have my Masters degree degrin development study , project management or agriculture related field to contribute more for the need poor community of my home country or any nation.But to realize my interest my financial status is constraint. would you help me in bringing my dream in to reality. I believe it will come. Thanks

  15. hilda

    im a female graduate w a BSc honours degree in psychology.m seekin a scholarship to pursue my masters in any of your universities

  16. Ayele Mamo

    if i get the master scholarship on health science in your country,I will very happy.
    thank you!

  17. amina mahamudu serwenda

    Am a Tanzanian female graduate bachelor degree in accountancy am seeking Masters scholarship please help me


    I believe that my excellent academic record and service work make me a good candidate for scholarship in Netherland. Throughout high school I maintained a high level of academic achievements while volunteering for community service and working. I graduated from Madawalabu University as Bsc general nurse my class on 17July, 2010. I had a 3.95 CGPA. In addition to my academic classes, I was a focal person of health communication partnership NGO working in Bale Goba and coordinator of my campus life of Madawalabu university in Ethiopia.


    I am TAREMWA IVAN MUGISHA a Masters student from Mbarara University of Science and Technology seeking for a scholarship.
    Thank you.
    contact: +256 774346368/ 702 227576


    I need to get NFP brochure for the accadamic calander 2013-14.

  21. mathewos tega

    I am ethiopian i hold Bsc degree in agro-economics from yardastic international collage now i have good condidate for scholar ship in nether land.

  22. markos tesfu

    I am markos tesfu from eritrea but my residence is now in sudan. I graduated from asmara university in agricultural extension dicipline in Bsc. Now i am looking for Msc in agriculture in nether land. I have a 3.75CGPA so i wish i would be one of the candidates.
    contact me with a phone 0965040730

  23. Metekiya

    I am Metekiya Menza.I amBSc. holder in meteorology science and now I am Meteorologist and working at Ethiopian NMA.I am seeking for MSc in Meteorology field.
    thank you

  24. Joyce Mtinyage

    I am a Lawyer, 33yrs old from Tanzania. I need to persue LLM under NFP for the year 2013/2014, assist on how to go about getting admission first and then sponsorship!

  25. I am Rwandan. I graduated in the National University of Rwanda. I need to get NFP brochure for the accadamic calander 2013-14.

  26. Hi my dear sir,
    I am Cherinet from Ethiopia, I am highly demanding to study MA degree. I would like to discover my potential up on the learning master degree from your universities. I believe that all of us put in this planet with purpose, I am a part of a big picture, I would like to discharge my potential. If I am given the opportunities I am confident of being able to shoulder all duties and responsibilities with almost efficiency. Please say something about this.
    I am anxiously waiting to listen from you.
    Your sincerely,

  27. I am Rwandan by nationality, I have completed my undergraduate studies in the National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Crop Science.
    I wish to to pursue my graduate studies. Please may you help me to find a scholarship?
    Thank you!!

  28. Gemechis GEMEDA

    iam ethiopian and i hold bsc degree in applied biology from wollega universty,so that iam looking forward to upgrade my educational status to MSC in related fields please please help me!!!

  29. Balew Adane

    I am an Ethiopian. I have MSc degree in physics. Now I am working in Debre Markos University in the position of lecturer. I am seeking for scholarship to have a study time in the area of Nanoscience and Nanothecnology in Europe. would you please help me in this regard?
    With regards!

  30. Fauz Moh'd Khamis

    I’m Tanzanian, i’ve completed my undergraduatestudies in Finanancial and business Management at Zanzibar institute of financial administration. I’m looking for financial support for masters degree (MBA). please help me.

  31. Bekalu Lakie

    My name is Bekalu Lakie , I have graduated from Adama science and technology university , Ethiopiain Electrical-Electronics Technology bachelor degree scoring CGPA 3.44. At this time I have completed Msc with Electrical control system technology from this university with a CGPA of 4. If you provide me masters scholarship , that will great opportunity to improve my academic skill and research ability , that will help me to serve my country with better capacity


    Hi: I have a bachelors in Electronics and Telecom Engineering from Pune, India. I am basically from afghanistan. I have a toefl 620 pbt with excellent academic backgrnd. Now, I am looking for Masters scholarships in close related field………….Appreciate if you can guide.

    Country: Afghanistan.

  33. Christopher

    Hello Over there!

    I hope you did great!

    Am Christopher,aged 30 yrs old,am here kindly looking for Master Studies Sponsorship for the year 2013-2014 here in Tanzania.

    I have completed my Bachelor Degree five (5) year ago,and i graduated with Bachelor of Geography and Environmental Studies.

    Currently i need to advance my education level for Master programme stage,but i am not financially fit to fullfill my desire.

    Please,Let my dream become true by giving me this opportunity for my futher studies,for the best of my self and my societies/country in general.

    Thank you for spending your time to read my message.
    Hopefully to receive favourable reply.

    With regard’s
    Christopher Jailos,


    Nov 2012

    Hello Over there!

    I hope you did great!

    Am Renard J. Baseki ,aged 33 yrs old,am here kindly looking for Master Studies Sponsorship for the year 2013-2014 in Netherlands.

    I have completed my Bachelor Degree four (4) year ago,and i graduated with Bachelor of Science in Civil and Water Resources Engineering at University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania

    Currently i need to advance my education level for Master programme stage, i need to take Master in Water Resources Engineering but i am not financially fit to fullfill my desire.

    Please,Let my dream become true by giving me this opportunity for my futher studies,for the best of my self and my societies/country in general.

    Thank you for spending your time to read my message.
    Hopefully to receive favourable reply.

    With regard’s
    Renard Joseph Baseki,

  35. helen

    I am a graduate of microbiology from Nigeria seeking for a master scholarship. Pls, how would you be of assistance?

  36. simret andebrhan


    I am a biologist with intensive experience in teaching and laboratory. I have been involved in this field through training and improvement of the section.
    My professional contributions have qualified me to take an advisory and consultancy role in some research projects of master’s degree students and national projects like TB control program. As part of laboratory management activity, I have been participating as a safety officer in controlling the microbiology department. I have developed a good knowledge of laboratory in the national laboratory centre in Eritrea through my active participation in professional conferences and workshops and through contacts and visits to my peers in the country.
    Internationally, I have participated in several workshops with such organizations as WHO, IDSR, NATCOD and Red Cross (HAMSET).
    I have the capacity to adapt to diverse working environments, including working with multidisciplinary teams and under pressure. I am open-minded with broad perception capable of shifting perspectives whilst working with in logical frame work. In a nut shell, I am a highly motivated individual with a genuine desire to gain further experience and education in your organization

    yours sincerely


  37. Thomas OKOT

    I have a degree in Democracy & Development Studies. I am very interested in pursuing a Master Degree in Human Right and Good Governance, in any country but l have reached a point where l can not afford the cost of Master Degree.

    Having lived in IDP camp for the rest of my childhood and studied through hardship and struggle as result of the LRA civil wars.

    l know the importance of good governance and human right as a turning point of modern transformed prosperous society. I am therefore seeking financial help/aid to fulfilled my dream.

  38. Fazal Khaliq

    iam fazal i comlete my BS 4 year from universety of malakand pakistan in biochemistry. so wish to to continue study further. so sir/mam please inform me about admission in MS BIOCHEMISTRY.
    bestregard; Fazal Khaliq

  39. furqat

    I am an uzbek student and i want to earn scolarship for master for economics

  40. Abiyo Samuel

    Iam Abiyo Samuel working in Koboko district-Uganda as an agricultural officer in the last 5 years. I am looking for a scholarship in the field of agriculture. Kind regards.

  41. iam bumano mark am lfrom south sudan am seeking for md in microbiology please i need ahelp

  42. Nirmal paudel

    i have completed bachelor degree in civil engineering from nepal and wanted to study master in engineering in Canada i need help


    am Mulugeta Haile from Ethiopia i have first degree in construction technology from Adama University in 2008. Now am looking for my masters degree in the field of Environmental engineering/water resource engineering in your country (Netherlands). If u give me a chance you know how much i contribute or help my country plus abroad. so i need your help

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